Climate activists storming the running track… Karsten “very rude behavior”

Karsten Barholm (27, Norway), who saw three climate activists belonging to the ‘A22 Network’, an international group that opposes the carbon emission policies of countries around the world, stormed the track and said, “It is very rude.”

At the 2023 World Athletics Federation Stockholm Diamond League men’s 400m hurdles final held at the Olympic Stadium in Stockholm, Sweden on the 3rd (Korean time)토토사이트, Barholm won with a time of 47.57 seconds.

However, Barholm’s joy was short-lived.

During the 400m hurdles final, three climate activists stormed the track and spread banners in lanes 1-6.

Running in lane 8, Barholm was able to avoid their interference, but all the other players were forced to slow down or collide with banners or climate activists.

The gap between Barholm and the second place had already widened, but all players except Barholm were hindered by interference from climate activists.

Kieran McMaster (Australia), who finished second with a time of 48.94, also crossed the finish line after clashing with climate activists.

They were taken into custody by Swedish police. Reuters reported that “the climate activists who disrupted the game belonged to the A22 network.”

In an interview with Norwegian broadcaster NRK, Barholm raised his voice, saying, “What the hell happened in front of the finish line? Anyone can protest, but this method is very rude and irresponsible. I am very angry.”

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