‘Best shot feeling this season’ Lee Seung-yeon, Jeong Joon, who won the championship in 4 years

‘Victory Fairy’ Lee Seung-yeon (25, SK Rent-a-Car), who did not produce clear results this season, will challenge for the second win in his career.

Lee Seung-yeon recorded 6 under par 66 in the 3rd round of the ‘Ever Collagen-The Siena Queens Crown 2023’ held at The Siena Country Club in Jeju Island on the 15th.

Lee Seung-yeon, who recorded an interim total of 202 strokes at 14 under par, is running second after Park Ji-young, who is recording 16 under par. Now, Lee Seung-yeon, along with Park Ji-young and Lee So-mi (-11), belongs to the championship group and embarks on an 18-hole journey toward the championship trophy.

Lee Seung-yeon, who made his debut in 2019, won the Nexen Saint Nine Masters in his first year as a pro, and became a star player representing the first division tour. The strength is, of course, excellent driver distance. In fact, Lee Seung-yeon received great attention by ranking first in average distance (250.97 yards) in the 2021 season.

Last year, Lee Seung-yeon placed 3rd once, entered the토토사이트 TOP 10 4 times, and missed the cut only 7 times. In other words, it can be seen that his downtrend is clear compared to last year.

This season has been a bit lackluster. Except for the Doosan match play in May (dropped out of the round of 16, 9th place), there is no entry into the TOP 10 yet. In addition, the ups and downs are severe due to missing the cut 6 times.

However, it is Lee Seung-yeon who is getting the sense of the shot little by little. Lee Seung-yeon was in 102nd place with a 2-over-par during the first round at the Lotte Open held early last month and was in danger of missing the cut, but after that, she showed concentration and raised her ranking to a tie for 20th.

In the Celltrion Queens Masters, which was held immediately, they stood out by tying for the lead from the first round. Although she lost strokes in the second half of the tournament and fell to a tie for 37th, Lee Seung-yeon showed signs of recovering little by little.

In the final round of the Daeyu Winia-MBN Women’s Open (tied for 22nd), which was the previous tournament, Lee Seung-yeon recorded a 5 under par without a single bogey, and sounded the prelude to resurrection.

In this tournament, she recorded 60 strokes throughout the 1st to 3rd rounds, showing off her best shots with Park Ji-young.

This is also revealed in her records. In this competition, Lee Seung-yeon scored 4.13 in the SG (Strokes Gained) category, placing second overall behind Park Ji-young (4.79).

Based on her long driving distance, she has an advantage in the long par 4 and 5 holes, and her approach as well as her shot around the green is very good, so it is no exaggeration to say that she is in the best condition this season.

The journey to winning her first championship in four years is not easy. The player who will play together with Lee Seung-yeon in the championship group is Park Ji-young, the sole leader who has never seen a single bogey in this tournament, and Lee So-mi, the ‘Queen of Jeju’ who has won 3 wins in Jeju alone, will join the team, predicting a fierce battle.

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