Avoid traveling to Dotonbori in Osaka this week… why?

It is a must-see attraction when traveling to Osaka, Japan토토사이트.

Dotonbori is the representative downtown area of ​​Osaka.

However, the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Osaka posted a notice asking people to refrain from visiting Dotonbori during this week.

The reason is the Hanshin Tigers, a professional baseball team based in the Kansai region of Osaka.

The Hanshin Tigers are set to win the Central League for the first time in 18 years this year.

Hanshin’s fans are known for their passion and are said to flock to the Dotonbori River in large numbers and jump into the river every time the team wins.

Because of this, there was even a death incident in the Dotonbori area when the team won the championship in the past.

It is said that this time too, there are concerns about various safety and crowd accidents.

According to local reports, the Hanshin Tigers’ league championship is expected to be confirmed as early as the evening of the 14th.

The consulate advised travelers planning to visit Dotonbori to avoid that time period or visit another area if possible.

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