An acquaintance of the Yangcheon-gu elementary school teacher who died, “I heard you’ve been having a hard time since March.”

As it is claimed that Mr. A (38), an elementary school teacher in Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, who died due to an extreme choice, expressed difficulties after taking over as homeroom teacher this year, voices calling for an investigation into the truth are growing.

Mr. B, a teacher and acquaintance of Mr. A, who died after falling from an apartment in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 31st of last month, said in a phone call with Yonhap News on the 3rd, “I heard that Mr. A was having a hard time at the end of March through Mr. A’s husband.”

Mr. B said, “That friend was a very smart friend.” He added, “Just because he was returning to work after a long time, he would not have had any major problems with classroom 토토사이트management, such as studying textbooks or planning children’s instruction.”

Mr. B said, “The deceased was a sincere person who worked hard to overcome difficulties when faced with them, and I also heard from the vice principal that he worked late into the night studying textbooks,” and added, “I think he would have been frustrated when he ran into a wall that he could not overcome through his own efforts, but that was an element of that.” “In a (normal) classroom, it’s pretty limited,” he said.

According to what the Seoul Teachers’ Union found out based on the testimony of fellow teachers at Mr. B and Mr. A’s school, Mr. A was adapting well to school life when he returned to work in the second semester of last year after parental leave.

Ms. A returned to her position as a subject teacher last year, and it is said that her students followed suit so well that her graduates came to visit the school this year.

Meanwhile, after taking on the role of 6th grade homeroom teacher this year, he began to suffer a lot mentally from March and took annual leave and sick leave.

Although the details of the difficulties the deceased expressed were not known, a fellow teacher at the school said that the deceased’s class had many difficult students.

Jang Dae-jin, senior vice president of the Seoul Teachers’ Union, said, “(The atmosphere was not easy) and it was said that it was difficult for a subject teacher to go in and teach the class.” He added, “It is not yet known whether there were any complaints from parents, but the situation was that the class itself was difficult. “A fellow teacher reported this,” he said.

Meanwhile, ahead of the 49th anniversary of the teacher’s death at Seoi Elementary School in Seoul (September 4), another incident in which the teacher made an extreme choice occurred, and the enthusiasm in the teaching community for commemoration and uncovering the truth is growing.

The organizers estimated that 200,000 people participated in the teacher rally held every Saturday for the 7th week since the death of the teacher at Seoi Elementary School.

Teachers have also announced a rally in front of the National Assembly and provincial and provincial offices of education nationwide on the 4th, as well as collective action using annual leave and sick leave.

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