“A player to look forward to” outfielder Yoon Jeong-bin

“I will develop into a hard hitter who can hit long hits by using my strength, speed at bat.”

The Samsung Lions have a greater thirst for geopo resources than any other team. This is because Daegu Samsung Lions Park, a hitter-friendly stadium, is used as the home stadium, and it is not taking advantage of its advantages.

The only players who can expect a home run in Samsung are Pirella and Oh Jae. Looking at home runs this season, Pirella produced 28 and Oh Jae-il produced 21. Geopo batters are highly valued as beings who can control the atmosphere of the game in an instant.

At Samsung, outfielder Yoon Jeong-bin is expected to be the team’s next-generation giant.

Yoon Jeong-bin, who joined with the 42nd rank in the 2nd 5th round of the 2018 season rookie draft, fulfills his military service obligations, and now all that remains is to refine and demonstrate his skills.

It was also his first first team experience all season. On August 25, when manager Park Jin-man was in charge, Yoon Jeong-bin was called to the first team. He has yet to produce his first hit in the first team, with 1 score in 10 at-bats in 13 games, but Park believes in the potential of Yoon Jeong-bin, who he noticed while coaching the second team. Manager Park said, “Yoon Jeong-bin is a player with a ‘one shot’. After returning from injury and being discharged from the military, he has not yet fully found his own pace, so he has lost his senses, but he will find his own direction while dealing with pitchers in the first team.” said.

The fact that Yoon Jung-bin joined the finishing camp in Okinawa, Japan last November proves that the team is paying attention to his potential. 메이저놀이터

Yoon Jeong-bin said, “I worked hard on training to change the trajectory of my swing at this camp. I thought that a lot of good results would come out by changing the trajectory of my swing.” We are making corrections,” he said. He added, “I learned a lot from the first-team stage experience even though there were no tangible results. Originally, I saw the ball accurately and hit it, but the timing was very late against the first-team pitcher. I thought I should concentrate more and judge the batting ball quickly.”

He also gained confidence in defense. He said, “I was very nervous when I first went to the outfield defense of the first team game, but I felt comfortable after doing it. In this camp, I focused on training to turn around and listen to the sound of the batted ball to determine the position of the ball and catch it.” I will listen to the sound of the batted ball and measure the distance so that I can play a stable defense.”

Yoon Jeong-bin said, “My strong point is that I hit the ball fast. If I only thought about sending the ball far while flying, now I plan to focus on hitting strong hits. I’m thinking of giving up my greed to simply hit a lot of home runs and making the modified swing trajectory completely mine.” He left a promise.

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