A man and woman in their 40s were found dead in a villa… 112 report 17 hours ago

A man and woman in their 40s were found dead in a villa in Mia-dong, Seoul.

The woman who died even called 112 in the morning on the day of the incident, and the police are investigating the circumstances of her death.

Yesterday evening, a telephone pole in Gasan-dong, Seoul suddenly fell, and KEPCO began analyzing the cause.

Reporter Lee Yu-min reports.


On a dark night, police cars and ambulances pull into narrow residential alleys.

Paramedics rush to a residential area, pulling a stretcher.

At approximately 9 p.m. on the 28th, a man and woman in their 40s were found dead in a villa in Mia-dong, Seoul.

This was the residence of the deceased woman. When she was found, her face was bruised and her hands were tied.

[Nearby merchant / voice modified: “She said she lived separately from her mother and father. She hadn’t been seen for a while, so I thought, ‘Why can’t I see her? She’s moved.'”] It was determined that the

woman who died had reported it to 112 in the morning on the same day.

However, the phone line was cut off right away, so the police had a hard time finding their location, and it was only after about 17 hours that they were able to find the two토토사이트 people thanks to a report from their family.

The police plan to confirm the relationship between the man and woman who died and request an autopsy to analyze the exact cause of death.

The telephone pole under the overpass falls forward, flashing and sparks shooting out.

Yesterday, around 5:50 p.m., a telephone pole near Cheolsan Bridge in Gasan-dong, Seoul fell.

There were no casualties, but it was a dizzying moment as there were many vehicles coming and going during rush hour.

[Choi Young-ik/Eyewitness: “I think the roar was quite loud. If (the fireworks) had exploded one more time, I think I would have gotten out of the car and ran away.”]

Korea Electric Power Corporation said, “There are traces of a collision on a telephone pole,” and analyzed nearby CCTV to determine the exact cause. He said he would look for it.

Yesterday, around 6:35 p.m., an SUV hit two other vehicles one after another on a road in Gyulhyeon-dong, Incheon.

In this accident, the SUV completely overturned, and the driver, a man in his 30s, was injured and taken to the hospital.

The police said that the driver was not suspected of drinking or using drugs, and that they were investigating the exact circumstances.

This is Lee Yu-min of KBS News.

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