A large number of new baseball players from North Chungcheong Province enter the professional stage..Bonghwangdaegi runner-up finish is a blessing in disguise

In the KBO rookie draft, 5 players from Sekwang High School and Cheongju High School baseball teams entered the professional stage.

Se-Ad High School’s Park Ji-hwan was the only fielder to be drafted in the first round.

Recently, the team finished second in the Bonghwangdaegi and successfully produced players, signaling the revival of baseball in North Chungcheong Province.

This is reporter Park Eon.


The match between Sekwang High School and Masan Yongmag High School held last April.

Ji-hwan Park of Sekwang High School, who was the third batter, hits a falling breaking ball with the tip of the bat with the tip of the bat with no outs on second and third base, scoring two RBIs in front of the left fielder.

Park Ji-hwan also showed his presence in matches against his college brothers.

He hit his fastball with the bases loaded and scored two runs.

Park Ji-hwan, who recorded 28 hits in 63 at-bats and a batting average of 0.444 in 20 games played this year, ended up wearing SSG’s uniform as the 10th pick in the first round.

<Interview> Park Ji-hwan / Se-Gwang High School Baseball Team (planned to join SSG Landers)

“Contact ability, bat speed, quick feet and strong arms. When everyone sees that player, he works really hard and does his best. I want to become that kind of player in the future. “I will definitely take the starting position…”

Kim Yeon-ju, who played as a closing pitcher at Se-Gwang High School this year, eliminated batters with a fastball approaching 150 km, recorded an ERA of 1.57 in 63 innings, and headed to Kiwoom as the 9th pick in the third round.

<Interview> Kim Yeon-ju / Sego High School baseball team (planned to join Kiwoom)

“I want to become a player who is loved by fans, and I want to be reborn as a franchise player for a club.”

Intermediate relief pitcher Ahn Chi-ho also joined Doosan with the 102nd pick in the 11th round.

<Interview> Ahn Chi-ho / Sego High School baseball team (planned to join Doosan)

“Although it is the 11th round, I will not worry about the turn and will do my best to advance to the first team as soon as possible.”

Two people from Cheongju High School also토토사이트 enter the professional stage.

Sidearm pitcher Park Ki-ho was recognized for his ability to use a variety of breaking balls and was selected by SSG with the 10th pick in the 3rd round, while infielder Kang Seong-woo was selected by Lotte with the 43rd pick in the 4th round.

Chungbuk high school baseball is once again reaching its heyday, with five players from North Chungcheong Province advancing to the professional ranks and Segwang High School taking second place in the Bonghwangdaegi.

This is CJB Park Eon.

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