A chain move begins?… Tottenham aim for ‘Tottenham fan heart’ with ‘Munich sacking’ Nagelsmann

The chain transfer of directors begins. Bayern Munich have cut the starting line, and Tottenham Hotspur are also tinkering with a replacement coach card.

Director Julian Nagelsmann has been sacked. Munich announced on its official website on the 25th (Korean time) that “the club has sent coach Nagelsmann and appointed Tuchel as the new coach.” The contract period is until June 2025.

It’s a shocking command tower replacement. Coach Nagelsmann is a leader who has been acclaimed for his tactical ideas and the introduction of modern technology through Hoffenheim and RB Leipzig. He was a leader enough to entrust his future to, even considering that he has given up the top spot in the league to Borussia Dortmund.

Nonetheless, he made a bold decision. Munich is facing Manchester City in the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) as well as Dortmund in the league ‘Der Klassiker’. Munich, which felt the need for an experienced coach at a critical time, sacked coach Nagelsmann, who lost to Villarreal in the UCL quarterfinals last season, and appointed coach Tuchel, who has won the UCL.

It is an unexpected good news for Tottenham. Tottenham are currently grappling with whether to sack manager Antonio Conte. Coach Conte is the ‘first-class contributor’ to Tottenham’s UCL advance last season, but this season, he is constantly experiencing friction with the club, such as discord between the players and a bomb press conference.

This is an opportunity to bring in a manager you have been interested in for a long time. Tottenham has been keeping an eye on Nagelsmann since firing Jose Mourinho in 2021. At the time, the transfer was not made due to the attitude of coach Nagelsmann, who aspired to Munich.

It’s different this time. Munich have ousted manager Nagelsmann, and Tottenham are looking for a fresh manager to give their team an attacking color. Nagelsmann, who has boasted original ideas, quick offense and defense conversions, and astounding tactical range since starting his first coaching job at the age of 28, is the perfect fit.

You can also use ‘Fansim’.메이저사이트 According to the British ‘Telegraph’, coach Nagelsmann is a Tottenham fan so much that he owns a Tottenham replica. It is known that at the time he joined the club after watching coach Mauricio Pochettino’s football.

This is something Tottenham should pay attention to. The affection for Tottenham will serve as a major factor in Nagelsmann’s selection of the club, and Pochettino’s preference for football could be the key to finding a command tower that will quench the current fans’ craving for active football.

If Tottenham seeks change, this opportunity should not be missed.

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