A British farmer who was crushed by a 500kg haystack saved his life thanks to ‘W3W’… what do you mean?

A British farmer was saved from being crushed under a huge 500kg haystack when a neighbor quickly reported it to W3W .

According to British Metro on the 10th토토사이트 (local time), Michael Moss (39), who lives in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, England, England, was eating lunch outdoors on the 23rd of last month when he heard someone shouting “Help!”

Moss, who ran across the field following the voice while holding a sandwich, found the source of the sound about 500 meters away. It was Farmer Stephen, who was crushed by a huge haystack.

Moss got a glimpse of the situation when he saw a tractor parked right next to him. A farmer carrying a hay bale with a tractor was crushed by a fallen hay bale.

However, Morse could not push the 500kg haystack, and above all, the farmer’s injuries seemed serious, and it seemed difficult to pull his arm out.

Morse quickly dialed 999, the emergency number. But there was another problem. There is no detailed address in this large field, so it is difficult to report. At that time, Moss remembered the application ‘What3Words’ ( What3Words ; W3W ) recommended by his boss who worked in the emergency room.

W3Wis a three-word address system developed by a British startup company. Since any region in the world is divided into 3m horizontally and 3m vertically, a unique address is given by combining three words in each cell, so it is possible to accurately determine the location without a detailed address. In the UK, 85% of emergency services use W3W .

The words displayed in the W3W app are ‘ Dads ‘ , ‘scorched’ and ‘hairstyle ‘ . He uttered three words to the agent, and within 15 minutes rescuers arrived.

Farmer Steven was treated for serious pelvic and femur trauma. The injury could have been more serious had it not been for the quick report through W3W .

This feature is also available in Korea. It can also be used on Kakao Map, and if you press and hold your location, the ‘ w3w ‘ button appears, and if you share it with the fire station, firefighters can quickly identify the location of the reporter.

This method of reporting is recommended by domestic fire departments as it is possible to identify locations that are ambiguous to explain by address or lot number.

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