‘9th inning 5 runs’ sweaty victory → ‘8th inning full run allowed’ come-from-behind loss… Lotte Gyetujo What happened two days in a row?

Lotte Giants Gyetujo collapsed for two days in a row, and eventually missed the game in front of their eyes. Lotte lost a lot of runs in the 8th and 9th in two consecutive games, and it seems that it will have to check how to operate the system.

Lotte lost the 5th game of the season against Kiwoom in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League held at Gocheok Sky Dome on the 28th, 5-7. Lotte finished three consecutive away matches against Kiwoom with 2 wins and 1 loss.

In the second game against Kiwoom on the 27th, Lotte gave 5 points at the end of the 9th inning, leading 6-0, and scored a ‘sweat victory’. revealed

Lotte took the lead in the match at the beginning of the game with concentrated hitting from the other line and good pitching from Na Kyun-an. Lotte is on the verge of winning 5 consecutive wins and 4 consecutive wins against Kiwoom, and leaping to second place alone.

However, Lotte collapsed in the 8th inning. Lotte went on defense at the end of the 8th inning with a 5-2 lead. Lotte faced a crisis with the base loaded safely as Kim Sang-soo, who climbed the mound in the 8th inning, allowed three hits in a row. Kim Sang-su allowed 7th hitter Kim Dong-heon an outfield sacrificial hit and allowed a 5-3, 2-run chase. However, Kim Sang-soo gave up another hit and went down the mound with the bases loaded with one out.

After Kim Sang-soo, Yoon Myung-jun, who came to the mound, struck out Lee Hyeong-jong as the first hitter and seemed to escape the crisis. But the result was just the opposite. Yoon Myeong-jun was beaten by Lim Ji-yeol, the first hitter of Kiwoom, with a come-from-behind home run over the fence behind center fielder. Lotte allowed a reversal by 5-7.

Lotte coach Larry Sutton said after the game on the 27th the previous day, “We have to look back on the management of the system,” but a similar situation was created in the game that day.

Results cannot be reversed, but the process must be reviewed. At the time Kim Sang-su gave up consecutive hits on the mound, Koo Seung-min, who had the most holds (11 holds) in the team this season, was warming up in the Lotte bullpen. Seungmin Koo did not play in the previous game on the 27th. On the other hand, Myung-Jun Yoon was in a situation where he allowed 2 RBIs in a timely manner in the 9th inning with bases loaded in the game on the 27th the previous day. It was two days in a row. However, Lotte head coach Larry Sutton and pitching coach Bae Young-soo put Yoon Myung-jun on the mound instead of Koo Seung-min even in a crisis situation that day.

In the end,먹튀검증 Myung-Jun Yoon opened the door to all the hitters Kim Sang-Soo had laid.

Lotte lost 4 consecutive wins and swept Kiwoom due to the defeat of the day. Moreover, Lotte should have waged an all-out war as the 29th was a day of rest. However, with a come-from-behind home run in the 8th inning, he went on a three-week expedition against the LG Twins in a state of embarrassment.

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