3 times Acting Supervisor → Ya In → Dramatic return as KGC Supervisor. KGC coach Kim Sang-shik achieved a treble. ‘Unfortunate leader’ ends

Anyang KGC coach Kim Sang-shik is a ‘leader of misfortune’.

Jeong-go Yang and coach Kim, who graduated from Korea University, were the signboard shooters of IBK, Nasan Flamence, and SBS Stars, the predecessor of KGC. He was a player who boasted strong activity, accurate 3 points, and sharp drive-in, befitting his nickname ‘moving missile’.

After retiring in 2003 due to a chronic back injury and aging, he left for coaching training with the support of the SBS club.

In the 2004-2005 season, Kim Dong-gwang took over as head coach. Coach Sang-sik Kim led the team as head coach. However, due to poor performance in 2006, manager Kim Dong-gwang voluntarily resigned. Director Kim Sang-shik served as acting director.

However, during the season coach Yoo Do-hoon appointed him, and coach Kim had to pack his bags.

He was appointed as the coach of Daegu Orion. He assisted director Lee Chung-hee. However, coach Lee Chung-hee resigned voluntarily again due to poor performance. He played the remainder of the season as acting manager. Afterwards, he became a full-time manager, but resigned from the command tower due to sluggish results.

He took another chance. In 2012, he was appointed as the head coach of Seoul Samsung. However, two years later, manager Kim Dong-gwang voluntarily resigned due to poor performance, and took over as acting manager again. After the season, he was notified that the club had no intention of contracting, and his retirement began.

Director Kim said, “At that time, I thought I would no longer have a relationship with basketball. I went down to Jeju Island and tried to organize everything.”

He continued his relationship again as the national team’s acting coach. Coach Cho Sang-hyun was appointed as the head coach, and he led the national team in compliance. Eventually, another chance came. Last year, he took over as manager of Anyang KGC.

Director Kim has transformed into a perfect ‘deokjang’. He said, “Honestly, I was worried. With Jeon Seong-hyun leaving, I also thought about whether I could lead KGC well. I thought that we should do it while encouraging the players to do what they are good at.”

Introduced a motion offense to reduce dependence on the starting player. He raised the sixth man floor. He appointed Bae Byeong-jun, Park Ji-hoon, Jeong Jun-won, and Han Seung-hee in the right place. He developed the power of objective power.

In the end, he won the regular league wire-to-wire championship, EASL championship, and even rose to the unified champion.토스카지노

Coach Kim said, “I received a lot of help from coaches Choi Seung-tae and Jo Seong-min. They told me not to hesitate, and I tried to listen to everything except for special cases. We discussed a lot with each other, and it helped us win the championship.”

He had no finals experience in his career as a player and coach. However, he led the team to victory in his first championship match. Acting manager three times, and Yain. After moving from the head coach of the national team to the head coach of KGC, he fully demonstrated his leadership skills.

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