‘3 people, 10+ points’ Sungkyunkwan University defeated Hanyang University at the end of a full set and escaped losing streak

Sungkyunkwan University came out of a losing streak.

Sungkyunkwan University won with a set score of 3-2 (20-25, 25-23, 25-18, 17-25, 15-12) in the qualifying match against Hanyang University in the 2023 KUSF College Volleyball U-League held at the Suwon Sungkyunkwan University Gymnasium.

Sungkyunkwan University ranked 8th (1 win, 3 losses, 5 points), and Hanyang University 9th place (1 win, 3 losses, 4 points), occupying a somewhat unfamiliar place on the leaderboard.

I was desperate for victory, but I couldn’t come out with a perfect lineup. Sungkyunkwan University’s Bae Ha-joon and Hanyang University’s outside hitters Bang Jun-ho and Kim Gwang-hyun both missed the court due to ankle injuries. Sungkyunkwan University faced a situation where Eddie had to leave for Mongolia for a while due to visa issues.

Sungkyunkwan University led the team to victory with Kim Jae-min scoring 23 points, Lim Min-ho scoring 16 points, and Bae Soon-hoo posting 12 points. In particular, he took a 7-4 lead on the serve and shook Hanyang University’s receiving. Meanwhile, Hanyang University’s Lee Hyun-jin scored 17 points, Jung Sung-won 16 points, Kim Hyung-geun 12 points, and Lee Jun-yeong 10 points, but it was difficult to prevent defeat.

From the start of the first set, Hanyang University’s blocking showed its brilliance. In addition, Sungkyunkwan University’s crime room appeared one after another, and they took a huge lead from the start with a score of 6-2. However, Sungkyunkwan University also gradually narrowed the score gap. Kim Tae-won’s serve shook Hanyang University’s receive and made consecutive points, and they chased it to 9-10.

Ties were difficult. Hanyang University ran away again with a score of 13-10, accumulating an attack score and a blocking score. On the Sungkyunkwan University court, offenses became frequent again, and Hanyang University took advantage of this opportunity to widen the score to 17-11.

In the end, 20-13, Hanyang University climbed the 20-point high first. Afterwards, he reached the set point with Lee Hyun-jin’s serve, and won the first set 25-20.

The score balance in the second set was not easily broken. The two teams exchanged a point lead and the fight unfolded by a point. In the middle, Sungkyunkwan University’s concentration took the lead. As Hanyang University’s offense led to a loss due to their witty play, Sungkyunkwan University opened up the score to 17-15.

The gap between the two points did not last long. Hanyang University’s one-point server, Ko Young-Jun, shook the receiving line of Sungkyunkwan University and instantly tied the score at 18-18. He didn’t stop here and even scored a serve, scoring 21-18.

Sungkyunkwan University also had fun with the one-point server, tied 22-22, and made a 24-23 set point with blocking. After that, he succeeded in scoring consecutively, and Sungkyunkwan University balanced the set score to 1-1.

The third set was led by Sungkyunkwan University. When Hanyang University blocked the attack on Sungkyunkwan University, Sungkyunkwan University immediately responded. Subsequently, Jang Ha-rang and sub-ace were added, and the score balance was not easily broken. Sungkyunkwan University blocked once more, leading to a 10-8, Hanyang University timeout.

After exchanging scores with each other, Sungkyunkwan University gained momentum and ran away from 11-10 to 15-10. It didn’t stop here. He created another scoring opportunity and stepped on the 20-point high at 20-11. The period ended with Kim Tae-won as a sub ace and overturned the set score to 2-1.

Sungkyunkwan University continued the momentum of the previous set. At the same time as the start, he took the initiative by winning consecutive goals. Hanyang University, driven to the brink, did not back down either. Lee Hyun-jin’s attacking goal led to a 10-9 reversal. With the addition of the Sungkyunkwan University Beomsil, the score increased.

It showed a different atmosphere. The temperature inside the court was clearly different, which affected the performance. In the end, Hanyang University won the 4th set and the match continued into the 5th set.

From the start of the 5th set, both teams exchanged points through blocking. After a disappointing offense came out on the court at Hanyang University, Sungkyunkwan University took the lead in the atmosphere and score.

In the end, Sungkyunkwan University faced a court change to 8-5. Hanyang University’s breathing continued to be unstable, and Sungkyunkwan University, which did not miss it, further widened its score. The gap widened further toward the end, and Sungkyunkwan University reached 10 points first with a score of 10-6.먹튀검증

In the second half of the set, Sungkyunkwan University’s Lim Min-ho scored a serve ace, putting a wedge in the game. 14-12, Sungkyunkwan University, who won the match point, ended the game with Kim Jae-min’s attack.

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