17R Rest period that started early… Anyang, quenching with mini-battery training for a week

FC Anyang entered a break early.

Anyang went into a break early after the match against Bucheon FC (2-2 draw) in the 16th round. This is because Anyang was the 17th round break team, and the June A-match break begins immediately after the 17th round is over. The team started training right after a short vacation.

And on the 12th, Anyang leaves for a short-term mini field training in Beolgyo, Jeollanam-do. The period is 1 week. It is a reflection of the will to focus exclusively on soccer as well as tension in a new environment away from Anyang. Anyang has secured 28 points from 8 wins, 4 draws and 3 losses in 15 matches, forming the lead. The gap with Gyeongnam FC (30 points), which played one more game, is less than one game.메이저사이트

There are also challenges. foreign striker. Striker Park Jae-yong, born in 2000, is doing his part well enough, but he can’t play all the games. Even during this break, Park Jae-yong was selected for the U-24 national team and will go on an expedition to China. Moreover, the foreign striker whom Anyang was promoting was eliminated from the medical test. Anyang’s plan to put in when the league resumed after adapting to some extent during the A match break also failed. Anyang is looking for a foreign striker again. In the second half, a new foreign striker and Park Jae-yong’s competitive system should be established.

The synergistic combination of Andrigo and Yago is expected to be further refined. Andrigo’s creative passing and Yago’s penetration are quite threatening. However, Yago has a lack of physical strength, so it seems that he will make up for this part through a break.

Hong Chang-beom and Choi Seong-beom, who have returned from injury, are also planning to raise their bodies quickly. In particular, Hong Chang-beom is one of the cards that can ease the physical burden on Hwang Ki-wook and Kim Jung-hyun while Andrigo plays as a side striker. Hong Chang-beom, who has excellent forward movement, can be of great help to Anyang, as there is a plan for Andrigo to come down to the midfield as a side striker.

Anyang coach Lee Woo-hyung is getting results through ‘change’ this season. Not only the player’s position change, but also some changes were added to the tactics, and it was fun. This is why Anyang continues to compete for the lead this season despite the departure of several key resources. It is noteworthy what kind of changes and tricks Director Lee will bring out during his break.

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