0.3 seconds and 0.8 seconds before the end, the whistle… “Change the win or loss” vs “You have to blow even 0.1 seconds ago”

Professional basketball Daegu Korea Gas Corporation lost all the victories in two consecutive weekend matches. The last-minute referee’s ‘Microscopic Judgment’ is a poisonous match for KOGAS.

KOGAS lost 116-118 in the match against Seoul SK on the 28th after the third overtime.

KOGAS led 111-109 until the end of the second extension, but with 0.3 seconds left, Jeong Hyo-geun allowed two free throws, and Jamil Warney 스포츠토토 (SK) succeeded in both and was dragged into the third extension. Jung Hyo-geun pushed Warney in the rebound process.

A similar situation was created at the Anyang KGC Ginseng Exhibition on the 29th. Devon Scott’s foul was called with 0.8 seconds left at the end of the fourth quarter, when KOGAS was leading 76-74, allowing a free throw to tie the game. They lost 85-87 in overtime.

In both scenes, the referee’s whistle was blown in a decisive situation with less than a second left until the end, and as a result, the outcome was reversed.

Gas Corporation director Yoo Do-hoon expressed strong dissatisfaction with this situation for two days in a row. This is because the standard for blowing the whistle is very conservative in the case of judgments that can directly affect the win or loss in situations where the end is imminent and the game is close.

In the meantime, the whistle was rarely blown unless it was a clear, big collision. This is why director Yoo Do-hoon feels regret for the decision.

But basketball is 40 minutes long. Even if 0.1 second remains, the application of rules for foul play or violation remains the same. It is also the referee’s duty to catch it when it occurs.

The point of controversy is whether the referee made an excessively microscopic judgment without any sense of management. First of all, KBL judged both the last scenes on the 28th and 29th with sincerity.

Which operation is correct?

An official from A said, “Like director Yoo Do-hoon said, I’ve rarely seen a referee blow a whistle in a situation like that for two days in a row.

However, official B said, “If the referee has conviction, he can blow the whistle even 0.1 second earlier. I don’t know what’s wrong with applying the same rules for 40 minutes. Rather, there were last-minute fouls, but there were more cases that caused controversy because they didn’t blow them.” and took the opposite view.

All decisions are bound to be made based on the conviction and judgment of the referee. This is why the quality, judgment, and operational ability of referees are so important.

For the time being, KBL is expected to continue its unstoppable ‘Microscopy Judgment’ trend even if it is just before the end of the game. It is to avoid hearing unfair words from KOGAS.

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